Lost and Found Call for Entries

We are looking for people to contribute their stories to the project


Most of us have gone through times in our lives when we felt somehow like an outsider. Maybe something happened to us -- or we did something – or failed to do something – but whatever it was, the result was that we got separated from the people around us –disconnected, outside of things, maybe even lost for a while. A real part of returning from places like that seemed for many of us to be able to talk about it with someone. When we could share stories, it helped us remember that no matter which side of society's boundaries we are on at any given time, we are still a part of the human family.


"Lost and Found" will be a collage of many such stories, together telling this larger human story, using animation and voice recordings as well as still photographs and video footage.

We're inviting you to share your own story of being "lost and found" – not just to tell your own individual story, but to help others remember (or maybe realize for the very first time) that while we can sometimes get lost, we are not alone -- and that sharing our stories is a deep part of how we find our way back home.



You can share your story in many different ways


If you want to write it down, you can send it to

Andrea Dose PO Box 660, Loyalton, Ca, 96118


You can e-mail your story to chrysalisinitiative@gmail.com


You can even make a video, and send it to the above address.


However you send it, it should include the sentence "I hereby give Chrysalis the right to use part or all of this work in their film"– that way we can use part or all of it in the film and we will also be sending you an an official release form.