Change of Mind

This is a new project we are just beginning to define. It will be about people who have had the courage to step beyond the closed world of rigid thinking they were taught, and open their minds to a much wider and freer world.


Four simultaneous stories on the screen of people who broke free from their rigid community, connected to people and the wider world in a vastly more positive way, and up close and personal portraits of who they are now – the story of their transformation.


We are currently looking for engaging stories for "Change of Mind". We're looking for stories about people who have managed to escape from
truly confining and destructive "thought prisons". Maybe someone who
found the courage to leave a cult or a hate group. Maybe someone
brainwashed into being a suicide bomber who turned away from the hate and
violence they were taught. How did that happen? What gave them the courage
to leave that rigid thinking behind and move instead into a new and unknown
future? How did they get past the obstacles? We want to make this film to
share those kinds of stories with an international audience.


Please contact us with any thoughts