Improbable Pairs

Improbable Pairs is a series of short film segments about pairs of people who have made peace with each other against truly extraordinary odds.


Two segments have been filmed to date, each approximately eight mintues long. The first segment is about an Israeli father (Yitzhak Frankenthal) whose son was killed by Palestinians, and a Palestinian man (Dr. Jawad Tibi) four of whose brothers were killed by the Israeli military. Together they have formed the Parents Bereavement Forum, a group of 180 Israeli families and 140 palestinian families who have each lost a direct family member in the violence. They meet with each other and work together for peace.


The second segment is about a white South Africa Air force officer (Neville Clarence) who was blinded in a car bombing during the apartheid regime, and the African National Congress Special Operations Officer (Aboobaker Rashid Ismail) who planned and ordered that attack.


We know all to well what war looks like; but rarely do we see images of what peace looks like. In these short film peices, we see people who, because of their history, might well have become implacable enemies; but are instead working toether for peace. These images are powerful reminders that people can reach across even profound barriers to create new hope. For more information: