Lost and Found




Lost and Found is a one hour film about how people move into and out of places beyond the boundaries of society. The film will focus on "pivotal points" -- those moments in peoples' lives that were particularly critical in moving from being active members of society to outcast, and back again.



The 21st century is bringing new pressures and fears that divide "haves" from "have nots"; those who are successful from those who are not; people on the inside from people on the outside. But if we are true to what is best in us, as people and as a society, we can't accept those divisions as our final answer. We need to move beyond them to a deeper way of seeing things; a wider awareness of who we are that includes both sides of these divides; and a new sense of hope, on both sides of the boundary, that we can change. Imagine for a moment that we could see all the things that divide us -success and failure, social acceptance and social rejection, wealth and poverty – as temporary conditions that happen, in small or big ways, to each one of us. Every one of us has up times and down times. Times we are on the inside of things -- and times we're not. Times we need help -- and times we can offer help. And then imagine what it would be like to live beyond the fear of "falling outside" – and in that moment becoming free, maybe for the first time, to see all people as they really are, rather than who society says they are. This larger way of seeing ourselves and others can bring new hope to the person who is currently on the outs, because it awakens the human connection and relationship that offer a way back to wholeness and belonging. And it also can bring new hope to the person currently on the upside of the boundary -- replacing a fear of the unknown with a much richer sense of shared humanity, and confirming our deep hope that poverty and mistakes – our own or others – are not our deepest identity, and need not separate us from each other. When we really know this, we will know a much deeper security than what so many of us on the "upside" settle for now -- the frenzied, fear driven effort never to make a mistake or lose our income.



The core goal of this film, then, is to invite us to see the person on "the other side" in a new and deeper way – and in doing so, to move beyond the fears that have kept us stuck on our own side of the boundary. The exchange between subject and viewer which the film brings about is much larger than a mere film experience.



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